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For the 2010 season, Bryan Martin of Canadian Mountain Outfitters will be leasing from and helping Jerry Geraci, owner of Upper Stikine River Adventures, run his hunting concession in Northern BC.  Jerry has owned this area since 1985 and is well known in the outfitting industry for having a great hunting area and for having one of the nicest personalities and being one of the best guides in the industry.  Bryan sold his original hunting area in early 2009, after 11 years of operation, but Jerry asked if we would help him again for the 2010 season.  When we sold our old area, we kept the company name/business: Canadian Mountain Outfitters, Ltd. and everything will be ran the same as when Bryan owned his old area.  This area borders our original one and is a fantastic all around, Stone Sheep and mixed bag hunting area.  We know this area well, as we have leased part of this area since 2003.  This area has produced three of the biggest Stone Sheep taken in the last 20 years, winning the FNAWS/Wild Sheep Gold Awards for the 1997, 2008 and 2009 hunting seasons.

Most of our hunts are 1x1, with 2x1 hunts being available. To best hunt the area we use floatplanes, horses, boats, foot and backpack hunting. We will take rifle, bow, and muzzleloader hunters. The base camp is very comfortable as it is equipped with a main lodge, guide cabin, satellite phone/internet, electricity, showers and outhouses. Spike camps utilize lightweight wall or backpack type tents. All equipment is new or in excellent shape. Our guides are some of the most enthusiastic, experienced and hardworking in the industry. We hope you consider Canadian Mountain Outfitters and Upper Stikine River Adventures for your 2010 hunting adventure.

Backpack and horseback hunting is our specialty. Horses are utilized on approx ½ of our hunts, wherever the terrain allows us, as they provide access to vast country and give many of our clients a better, overall hunting experience. Most of our sheep and goat hunts require some backpacking.  There are nearly 300 miles of maintained trails within the Upper Stikine River area. Each year we hunt country that has not been hunted in recent times. The goal is to spread the hunting pressure out over the entire area, so that each hunter has a realistic opportunity of both taking trophy class game and having a quality and personalized experience. All hunts except riverboat moose hunts are 1x1 guided, unless a 2x1 hunt is requested.  We can provide an additional assistant/packer on any hunt. When hunting with horses, wranglers and assistants are often utilized to maximize hunting time, hunter comfort and success.  All hunts start and end at the main Stikine River base camp, which is a log structure.  From there, hunters leave with a string of horses or are dropped at a remote lake via floatplane, depending on the animal and area being hunted. Most of the hunts are spot and stalk. Calling is also utilized during the moose rut. We conduct hunts which produce results. Hunter success includes hard work on everyone’s part. Our equipment is some of the best in the industry. Most of our hunts are challenging and rewarding, for those who want a fair chase hunt in some of the most scenic and wild country found anywhere in the world. All hunts start/end in the town of Smithers, BC (daily flights from Vancouver, BC to Smithers). The scenic floatplane (Beaver or Cessna 185) flight to camp takes approximately 2 hours each way.

When you book a hunt with Canadian Mountain Outfitters, you'll be provided with a detailed contract, trip itinerary, equipment list, suggested workout schedule and answers to any other questions you might have. We look forward to hunting with you.

Good Hunting!

Bryan Martin
Owner, Canadian Mountain Outfitters Ltd.


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